Difference between web development and website development?

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The Terms Web Development and Website Development are often used interchangeably while web development is a broad term and website development is specific.

Web development is a broad term used for the entire process of building an entire infrastructure of web applications and systems including the building of a website, building of web applications like Canva, search engines like Google, Social Networks like Facebook, Ecommerce websites like Amazon, and forums like Reddit.

The process of web development starts with a problem and getting a solution for that specific problem using web technologies.

For example, Canva is a web application that is used to design graphics, Invideo is an online tool that helps you create videos, and Google is a search engine that helps you find websites and their content on the internet.

on the other hand, Website Development is a specific subcategory of web development and focuses on building and maintaining websites. website development involves the creation of web pages, designing layouts, designing wireframes, adding content, designing inner pages of the website, converting Photoshop designs of the website into actual code, building blogs, building informative websites for businesses, and creating blogs, etc.

sometimes people use web development and website development as alternative words, but both have differences.


In essence, website development is a subset of web development, and it specifically deals with the creation and maintenance of websites. Web development, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of tasks and includes the development of various types of web-based systems and applications beyond just websites.

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