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Introduction to WordPress
In this lesson you will be introduce to selfhosted Wordpress and from where you can download WordPress.
WordPress Installation
You will learn how to install wordpress on WAMP, XAMP, and Hosting
WordPress Admin Dashboard
In this topic you will learn wordpress admin dashboard and how to use it and what option/features are available to use in this Wordpress admin dashboard.
How to Build a WordPress Websites
In this section you will learn how to build a website using WordPress. This section will contain longer video in which we will start from building a business website in each video and learn how to build a blog, how to build e-commerce website etc. So stay tuned, more videos coming soon
WordPress tutorial for beginners – Course in Hindi/Urdu
    About Lesson

    In this lesson, you will learn what are WordPress tools and how to use them, I have also explained all available tools and how you can add new tools to your WordPress website.