15 AI Website Builders: Revolutionizing Web Design in 2023 (Free + Paid)

The digital age has transformed the way we approach web design, and AI website builders are at the forefront of this revolution. These innovative tools leverage artificial intelligence to simplify the process of creating visually stunning and highly functional websites. If you're looking to build a website with AI, this comprehensive guide will introduce you to the best AI website builder tools available in 2023.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced web designer, these AI website builders offer a range of features and benefits, including ease of use, SEO optimization, and responsive designs. So, without further ado, let's dive into the 15 AI website builders that are changing the game in field of web designing.

1. Wix ADI: The Best AI Website Builder for Beginners and Professionals Alike

wix ADI AI Website Builder 01 screenshot

Wix ADI is a powerful and user-friendly AI website builder that caters to both beginners and experienced web designers. This robust tool uses artificial intelligence to create personalized website designs based on your preferences and requirements.

Wix ADI offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Intuitive AI design assistant for creating a website based on answers to simple questions
  • Customizable outputs to add a human touch to quickly generated AI designs
  • Can convert to a standard Wix site once built using AI for further customization

Pricing: Create a Wix site starting at $16/month

2. Zyro: The Ultimate AI Website Design Tool for Speed and Efficiency

Zyro is a top AI website builder known for its speed and efficiency. This tool is perfect for beginners looking to create a website without any technical skills. With Zyro's AI website design tool, you can have a fully functional, professional-looking website up and running in just 10 minutes.

Key features of Zyro include:

  • AI-driven design assistance for creating a website from scratch
  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customization
  • Mobile-ready designs for seamless browsing on any device
  • eCommerce features for building online stores
  • Free custom domain and hosting for seamless integration

Pricing: Plans start at $3.90/month

3. Bookmark's AiDA: The No-Code AI Website Builder for Seamless Web Design

bookmark AIDA AI website builder

Bookmark's AiDA is an AI-driven no-code website builder that offers a seamless web design experience. It uses an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AiDA) to create a fully functional website based on your input and preferences.

Features of Bookmark's AiDA include:

  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customization.
  • Mobile-optimized designs for a seamless browsing experience
  • Built-in eCommerce functionality to sell products online
  • AI Optimization of on-page content for better SEO results
  • AI translations for reaching customers in multiple languages

Pricing: Starts at $14.99/month

4. Jimdo: The Best AI Website Builder for Small Businesses

jimdo AI website Builder

Jimdo is an AI website builder specifically designed for small businesses. Its AI-powered Dolphin tool simplifies the process of creating a website by offering pre-built templates and a user-friendly interface. Jimdo also provides an AI logo maker and AI writer to help you create a cohesive brand identity.

Features of Jimdo include:

  • AI-driven design process for quick and easy website creation
  • Library of stock images for a professional look
  • SEO suite for better search engine rankings
  • Mobile-ready designs for seamless browsing on any device
  • Free custom domain and hosting for a complete web presence

Pricing: Starts free with paid plans beginning at $14/month for additional features

5. 10Web: The AI-Powered WordPress Platform for Maximum Customization

10web ai website builder

10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform that allows you to create stunning websites with ease. Its AI builder offers a range of features, including:

  • AI-powered website creation with content and images
  • Custom editor based on Elementor for easy customization
  • Hosting features and 1-click migrations for seamless integration

Pricing: Pricing is based on visits and features, starting at $10/month for personal websites

6. Appy Pie: The Cloud-Based AI-Driven Builder for Maximum Flexibility

appypie ai website builder

Appy Pie is a cloud-based AI-driven website builder that offers maximum flexibility in creating websites and mobile applications. Its AI engine takes your inputs and turns them into a functional website with the option to add pages as you go.

Features of Appy Pie include:

  • Comprehensive no-code platform with tools for web and mobile applications
  • AI-driven design process for quick website creation
  • Wide range of business automation tools for seamless integration

Pricing: Starts at $18/month

7. GetResponse AI Builder: The Free AI Website Builder with Integrated Marketing Tools

GetResponse AI Builder is a free AI website builder integrated with powerful marketing tools. This all-in-one platform offers website creation, landing pages, email marketing, and automation tools.

Features of GetResponse AI Builder include:

  • AI-driven website design for quick and easy website creation
  • Integration with email marketing and automation tools for seamless marketing campaigns
  • Free website builder with a wide range of features

Pricing: Free with paid plans starting at $19/month for additional features

8. Weblium: The most outstanding AI Website Builder

weblium ai website builder

Weblium is an AI website builder and they claim that they are the most outstanding AI website builder. You can build website using their AI technology. Currently they are offering 14 days trail period

Features of Weblium include:

  • Hundreds of ready-made templates and blocks, automatic mobile versions, and third-party code embedment.
  • An option to add up to 10000 goods, variable items, online payments collection, checkout and cart pages.
  • Fully functioning customer and deal accounting in one place with a personal account, separate for each online store.
  • Tags, “breadcrumbs”, shema.org markup, 301 redirect, and unique 404-page setups.

Pricing: $8.25/month for Pro and $250/month for Studio.

9. B12: The AI Website Builder for Professionals

B12 claims that they are best AI website builder for professionals which offer online services to the clients and to attract more client for their services. They have scheduling and invoice system built in for company/individual to offer online services. Their highest plan includes interaction of team with the client via website. Currently their plan starting from $42/month with simple invoicing and scheduling system.

Pricing: $42/month

10. TeleportHQ: A frontend UI AI Builder to build static websites for free

Teleporthd is a frontend user interface designing AI tool, which help web developers and web designer to generate static website using AI. This tool can be use to generate static websites instantly without any cost, Teleporthq offer a free plan and premium plan for team to collaborate with each other.

Features of Teleporthd includes:

  • Free to get sub domain and free for personal use.
  • Responsive templates (pre built layouts) to use in your project.
  • Visual indicators are used to establish the status of a component or interactive element. Add styles to elements based on their stat
  • Import your prototypes into teleportHQ within minutes. Get developer-friendly HTML and CSS code, or directly into React, Vue, Next, Angular, and more.
  • Import your prototypes into teleportHQ within minutes. Get developer-friendly HTML and CSS code, or directly into React, Vue, Next, Angular, and more.

Pricing: Free or €15/editor/month

11. Jasper: The AI Website Designer for Creative Copywriting and Design

jasper ai website builder

Jasper is an AI website designer that focuses on creative copywriting and design. While not a traditional website builder, its AI creates copy and design elements that can be used to enhance your existing website.

Features of Jasper include:

  • Generative AI platform for creative copywriting and design
  • AI text generation tools for high-quality content creation
  • AI image generator for custom imagery

Pricing: $49/month for Boss Mode plan (up to 50,000 words)

12. CodeWP.ai: The AI Website Design Tool for Advanced WordPress Users

CodeWP.ai is an AI website design tool for advanced WordPress users. This innovative tool helps you create custom code solutions using AI for a streamlined development process.

Features of CodeWP.ai include:

  • AI-powered code generation for PHP and WordPress
  • Solve quick problems using AI trained on the WP codebase
  • Advanced snippet generation for Regex, ACF, and WooCommerce

Pricing: Free plan with limited snippet generation and paid plans starting at $12/month

13. Durable: Build a Website in Seconds with this AI Website Builder

durable ai website builder

Durable is an AI website builder that claims to create a website in just 30 seconds. This tool quickly generates text and images for an entire website and creates a professional website from scratch.

Features of Durable include:

  • AI-driven design process for quick and easy website creation
  • Customizable website designs for a unique online presence
  • Affordable pricing for budget-conscious users

Pricing: $9/month for websites with unlimited pages

14. Hosting Ai Website Builder

hostinger ai website builder

Hostinger is one of the leading web hosting and domain names provider company. Hostinger also provide AI builder to generate website in few minutes with the help of AI. Hostinger AI can also generate contents for your website and will publish your website in few minutes with professional layout and contents.

Features of Hostinger AI Builder:

  • Instant Website Creation with AI
  • AI logo maker and AI content creation.
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Intuitive eCommerce Features
  • Free web hosting with their AI plan.

Price: starting from $1.99/month

15. Dora: A 3d animation Free website Builder powered by AI

 dora 3d website builder

Dora is a 3d animation website builder where you can insert 3d animation to your website and a 3d image sequence animation. your website will display that 3d with a beautiful animation. with Dora you can build amazing 3d websites without any coding skills, their GUI interface provide 3d support and a drag and drop builder with amazing functionality of interconnecting and constraining page elements with mouse. You can apply css properties from their website panel and can also import any type of 3d animation which will be a part of your website. not only that you can create a 3d scroll animation too.

At the time of writing this article, Dora if fairly new and their AI website builder is in Alpha phase and will soon release to the public.

Features of Dora website builder:

  • 3d animation and 3d scroll animation support
  • Advanced animation builder for website
  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • AI Page builder

Price: Free


AI website builders are a game-changer in the world of web design, offering a range of innovative features and benefits for users of all skill levels. With the best AI website builders listed above, you can effortlessly create visually appealing, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites in no time.

Whether you're looking for a free AI website builder, a budget-friendly option, or a tool that can help you build a website in just 10 minutes, these AI website builder tools have got you covered. So, go ahead and explore these amazing AI website builders and revolutionize your web design experience in 2023.

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