What is website and its types?

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You have heard of websites, but do you know the exact definition of “what is a website”? I bet you will have some missing information about what a website is and the types of websites. so I will clarify your question in this article.

Before building a website you must know what a website is, the types of websites, and which type of website you will require for your business or for personal use, or anything else.

In this guide, you will learn all about websites and their types and when to use which type of website along with that you will learn which Domain name to use for which website.

So let's start with the definition of a website.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of related or interconnected web pages that can be accessed through the internet. Websites are usually hosted on servers and can be accessed by typing in a domain name (e.g., www.hassangul.com) into a web browser.

Types of websites?

Websites can be divided into two major categories, static websites, and dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are a part of the Web 2.0 community of sites and enable interaction between the site owner and site administrator to perform changes. while Static sites provide information to the user and the site administrator or programmer can only interact with the code of the website for managing the site or do changes to the website.

Below is a bit of explanation about static and dynamic website

Static Website:

A static website is one that presents the same information to every user and has fixed content without any frequent changes. Simple languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript are used to create static web pages. A static website's content is supplied directly to the user's web browser from files that are kept on the server without any server-side programming. Although static websites are simple to build and manage, they are not appropriate for websites that need frequent updates.

Dynamic website:

A dynamic website is one that alters its content to suit the user or may contain a huge number of information like Wikipedia and a huge number of pages for users to go through.

Server-side scripting languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, and others are used to build dynamic websites along with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, enabling developers to design web pages that dynamically alter based on input from users or other factors. Moreover, databases (Mysql, Mariadb, etc) and other external sources of data can communicate with dynamic websites. Dynamic websites take more time to build compared to static websites.

Types of Websites according to Domain Names

As we know about dynamic and static websites, we can further categorize websites according to the available domain names, for example, government websites have .gov TLD and commercial websites have a .com TLD. Here is the list of a few popular TLDs

Details about the type of website according to domain TLDDetails about the type of website according to TLD
.comA commercial intent website can be a business, e-commerce, blog, or personal website.
.govGovernment organization website
.orgA private organization or nonprofit organization website.
.pk, .us, .ca, .in, .frLocal Business, organization, or country limited websites
.eduEducation organization website
.netOrganization, personal website, or can be a business website.
.milmilitary website
.bizbusiness website
.infoOrganization, personal website, or can be business website.
.bloga blog about any niche of business or personal blog
.resturantwebsite for information shared with visitors
.nameLocal Business, organization, or country-limited websites

Above is the list of a few domain names which represent different types of websites according to the domain name, around 2500+ Domain extensions are available throughout the internet.

Types of websites according to business/niche:

According to the business niches, we can create different types of website for different businesses here are the list of all types of websites according to business niches.

Website TypesDetails
Blogan online journal or informational page that’s regularly updated.
Business websiteshow information and services about a business including contact
Brochure websitesshow information about the business only
E-commerceshow information and services about the business including contacting
online toolsa website allowing users to connect with each other and share content.
Educationalwebsite providing educational material like courses etc
Entertainmentwebsite providing entertainment content such as movies, music, games, etc
Newswebsite providing news articles and updates.
Governmenta website that provides details on government programs and policies.
Personalwebsite created by an individual to share personal information about themselves.
Portfoliowebsite showcasing an individual’s work samples.
Social mediawebsite allowing users to connect with each other and share content.
Web portalwebsite providing access to other websites and services.
Forumsa website allowing users to connect with each other and share content.
Membership websitea website that provides subscriptions for a specific service.


We can categorize websites into different types using domain names and can also use the .com extension domain for every type of business, personal, blog, and website. This is a general type of domain extension that is the most usable throughout the internet.

I hope now, you have learned what is a domain name, what is a domain name is according to the type of business and what is domain name according to the TLD (Top level domain) extension.

If you have any questions or feedback use the comment section below.

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